what your home has to do with your new years resolution

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So you have a New Years resolution, goal, word, or focus?

If so, you also need tools to bring those plans into reality.

Do you know you have a powerful tool ready and available? You do . . . and it’s your home!

Your space is subconsciously powerful.

Simply place your intentions in your field of vision and you will be encouraged in your efforts. 

How do you place your intentions in your field of vision?

  1. You can clarify your focus with something as simple as framing a word or phrase and placing it on a desk or shelf.

  2. You can also move an object that symbolizes your goals into a prominent place in your home so you see it daily.

  3. And if your goals are emotional/relational you may consider re-arranging a room or two so they encourage stories and protect relationships. 

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Spacious Living

Spacious living is about having ample room in your days for what matters most. 


What would spacious living look like for you this month?


Would it look like: 

  • time to decompress
  • time to pursue a dream
  • time with family or friends
  • a regular health or creative practice
  • space to actively create
  • space to rest
  • adventure
  • creative community 


The photos below are to act as idea generators more than definitions. They are moments from my own practice of building a spacious life so I share them strictly as inspiration. What would your "spacious living" photos look like? Come share them with us! 


And if creative community is something that matters to you -- if it's a piece of what it means for you to build meaningful, honest days -- then I invite you to join your tribe. 


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Hidden creativity

The visible part of creating and presenting or selling something is but a portion of the creative process.

Before then there had to be time:

  • Time to dream and dream and dream 
  • Time to plan
  • Time to learn skills
  • Time to develop a rhythm or style
  • Time to research
  • Time to synthesize information
  • Time to make connections
  • Time to build support systems
  • Time to gather tools and materials
  • Time to experiment
  • Time to fail
  • Time to dream again
  • Time to start the whole process over again

There's no shortcut to creating original, meaningful work. This is a journey.  And it's worth the effort.

Get The Relentless Creative Handbook and learn to make space for the journey.


cheers to the relentless

Use your energy wisely

your creative energy must be directed


In order to use your energy wisely your creative energy must be directed towards an appropriate problem or project.

Unfocused creative energy can attack those closest to you because boredom + intensity is unpredictable. This path can drain your resources, is exhausting, produces no real benefit for the effort expended, and often leaves a wake of confusion in its path.

It's simple enough to avoid that pain though. If you must create (and we all create on a daily basis) find an appropriate project for your energy, passion, and skill. 



The joy of editing my book

The first time I sent The Relentless Creative Handbook off to my editor I wasn't sure what I had created. 

I knew it was unlike anything I had created before. I knew I had written things I wanted to share with (and about) relentless creatives. I knew it was a special project with potential.

But was it any good? That I didn't know.

I quickly coached myself into accepting that it wasn't up to me to decide the answer to such a question. The only thing to do was. . . wait. 

Thankfully I was only waiting on my editor and she had to get back to me in a timely manner. And she did so with positive, encouraging words. She confirmed that this was a special project full of heart. I was able to exhale. I was then surprised when feelings of success and pride washed over me. The book was still a long way from being a physical book in my hands and yet the fear and uncertainty were gone. 

I had accomplished my goal. I made something. I put it out there for editing (critique) and it came back more real than when I sent it.

See, something that had only lived in my head, heart and computer had become visible and tangible. It was now a real thing that could be discussed and critiqued and enjoyed and beneficial.  

As a lover of process, I was glad that there were two more rounds of editing ahead of us. The editing process had proved itself to be empowering. Each round was unique while still being both challenging and up-lifting.

How exciting it is to see a thing you've created with fresh perspective and living outside your own head. This is why taking action on your dreams is a part of the creative process rather than the end.

As real as the dream can be, action makes it real on a whole new level . . . a level that can be discussed and critiqued and enjoyed and beneficial.

Bringing dreams into reality is the creative's great success. 



Marking time

This week marks 3 months since my perfect baby boy stopped living. 

He was stillborn on his due date. 

As his life began about this time last year and we now face our first Christmas without our son I wanted to share a piece of our story. While there are so many things I could and will say (more than I have thus far on social media) I want to open his story here by sharing our art.

As the time drew near and I waited to meet my son, I began marking time by creating new art. It was more emotional and layered than anything I'd created before. It was meant to be personal; a visual exploration of ideas and emotions after the intensity of writing and editing a book in just 20 weeks while pregnant and working and parenting and house renovating. Yet now, in his absence, I'd like to share.

I've made 9 pieces available in the shop for only 23 days. The first 6 pieces were created in the last month of Oscar's life. The last 3 pieces have been created since his death. 

If you'd like to know my Oscar a little better or mark time along your own journey I'm sharing this for you. 

I will continue to mark time and I'm inviting you to join me.


The Relentless Creative marking time

Keep your home in shape with this 1 simple trick

Rearrange details as you see them stop working.

Keep your home in shape with this 1 simple trick

That's the trick.

Be it furniture arrangements, closet organization or a shelf to display small treasures each can serve a purpose today and later become outdated. When creating a spacious home, "outdated" isn't about style or fashion; it simply means this detail or arrangement is no longer serving it's purpose or those who live there. 

This little trick allows for life seasons, struggles and joys to each be fully supported in the home. And being a successful support system is really the underlying role of the home. The home has the ability to protect our dreams, strengthen our stories and deepen our closest relationships. Allowing the details within the home to change and grow so they continue to meet your deeper goals is one way to create a spacious home.