Finding balance

"I'm going to have it all."

I was nearing graduation after 5 years of architecture school and this is what I told my friend as we discussed what the future held. He tried his best to not laugh in my face.

10 years later I have exactly the same desire but with a huge dose of reality to balance it. 

I've come to see balance like the tides. There's weight, power, and timing in the tides. An ebb and flow. It's not all things all the time but it is all things. It is an integrated system.

A new baby, new job, new city or house will take precedence in your life for awhile. I've walked through each of those transitions several times and they are all consuming. Even now, at a steady time in my life without a huge transition, I try to focus on one person, idea, or project at a time. And that doesn't make the rest of it any less real.

In fact, it makes everything more real.

One moment at a time.