What does it mean to LET YOUR SPACE TELL YOUR STORY?

honest spaces can tell our stories.png

You are writing a story.

The kind people repeat around a campfire or share with acquaintances on the sidewalk.

You’re writing a story with relationships, stories, actions, time, creativity, and love. And every life story includes hopes, dreams, goals, struggles, trials, and events.

And I’m here to tell you that your space(s) can provide dynamic, energetic support for your stories.

So, HOW do you let your space tell your story?

Well, you let it be honest.

The colors, the furniture and its arrangement, the decor, food, celebrations, items on display, frames on the walls — each of these can be intentionally chosen to tell a piece of your story.

Here are a few examples:

Do you value history and heritage? Is practicing remembrance part of your story? If so, display family heirlooms or items from your town that predate you. Allow yourself to let life’s big moments stay visible and present in your home. And when shopping, choose items that have a story.

Do you value creativity and innovation? Is adding hope in the world part of your story? If so, display sources of inspiration and the tools of your trade. Allow yourself to keep a piece, or reminder, of your work in a prominent place. And when shopping, choose items that also value creativity and innovation.

Do you value family and relationships? Is leaving a legacy part of your story? If so, display the things that build relationships in your home. Allow your family and individual stories to be featured in multiple places. And when shopping, choose items that further connection and speak to your legacy.

Do you value honesty and integrity? Is living a simple, handmade life part of your story? If so, display items and quotes that keep you grounded in your values. Allow the simple and the handmade to have the place of honor among your things and simplify what doesn’t fit. And when shopping, choose items that are simple, functional, and yes, likely handmade.

Remember, your home will tell more than one story at a time. And those stories will change over time.

That’s the beauty, your space can support your story today and it can help you tell a new version of your story in a year or ten years.

When we let our space be honest — meaning we focus on our values, our reality, and our dreams — then our space can tell our stories for us.

What does your space say?

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