Let's start at the beginning


I was sitting in a nice vacation home, pregnant, eating a grilled cheese sandwich and sliced pears when I had a thought -- I'm going to start writing! Maybe I'll even work my way up to writing a few books. 

That was 8 years ago. 

A busy day job, 2 kids, and a ridiculous number of moves later here I am. Practicing. Ready. 

To be fair, I have tried my hand at blogging before but I thought I had to write really long educational posts and eh, I like pictures better I told myself. Now, I have 3 books outlined and I actually want to write. I have stories to tell.

Take the photo of this mug for starters.

When I started writing 8 years ago things quickly formed into a short story called Rainy Day Confidence. It is primarily the story of my childhood. Rainy Day Confidence then grew into an idea, a way for me to give voice to the creative process of developing dreams. It was also the name of this website until recently. It is now a book once again and will hopefully inspire some adorable wall hangings in the future. It is a piece of The Relentless Creative. 

. . .no matter the weather. . .

Authenticity. Growth. Community. Friendship. Connection. Acceptance. Confidence. . . no matter the weather. Otherwise known as. . . Relentless.