Marking time

This week marks 3 months since my perfect baby boy stopped living. 

He was stillborn on his due date. 

As his life began about this time last year and we now face our first Christmas without our son I wanted to share a piece of our story. While there are so many things I could and will say (more than I have thus far on social media) I want to open his story here by sharing our art.

As the time drew near and I waited to meet my son, I began marking time by creating new art. It was more emotional and layered than anything I'd created before. It was meant to be personal; a visual exploration of ideas and emotions after the intensity of writing and editing a book in just 20 weeks while pregnant and working and parenting and house renovating. Yet now, in his absence, I'd like to share.

I've made 9 pieces available in the shop for only 23 days. The first 6 pieces were created in the last month of Oscar's life. The last 3 pieces have been created since his death. 

If you'd like to know my Oscar a little better or mark time along your own journey I'm sharing this for you. 

I will continue to mark time and I'm inviting you to join me.


The Relentless Creative marking time