what your home has to do with your new years resolution

use your space to clarify your focus.png

So you have a New Years resolution, goal, word, or focus?

If so, you also need tools to bring those plans into reality.

Do you know you have a powerful tool ready and available? You do . . . and it’s your home!

Your space is subconsciously powerful.

Simply place your intentions in your field of vision and you will be encouraged in your efforts. 

How do you place your intentions in your field of vision?

  1. You can clarify your focus with something as simple as framing a word or phrase and placing it on a desk or shelf.

  2. You can also move an object that symbolizes your goals into a prominent place in your home so you see it daily.

  3. And if your goals are emotional/relational you may consider re-arranging a room or two so they encourage stories and protect relationships. 

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