Gifting Spaciousness

Ms. Taylor had our family over for dinner on a regular basis. There would be garden veggies and fresh bread and a homemade cake drizzled in chocolate sauce. After dinner my brother and I would go watch the black and white TV while the adults sat around the table and talked. Life was sweet and slow at Ms. Taylor's house. 

So, when an ice storm knocked our power out and we went to live at Ms. Taylor's house it was a treat. A whole week of homemade bread couldn't be bad. As I sat at the kitchen table and looked out at her garden waiting for spring I began to draw. Past the garden and across the field was a house. I had plenty of time so I decided to do it justice.

Some time later I visited my grandmother. Since time moved slowly at her house (just like at Ms. Taylor's) and since Ms. Taylor had been impressed with the house I drew at her kitchen table I thought maybe my grandmother would be impressed. I used my key ingredient again -- a ruler -- and I recreated the house behind Ms. Taylor's house from memory. I don't remember my grandmother being full of praise but I do remember her suggestion. "Well Jillian, maybe you should be an architect."

There were other times in my childhood when people suggested the path of architecture but my grandmother's suggestion stood out. Because she created space for the dream.

Spacious living always includes at least one person who supports you. 

This month, while we are surrounded by expressions of love, what better gift than to lavish space to dream and grow on someone you care about?

Here are a 3 tangible, spacious gift ideas:

  • you could provide the time and/ or materials for them to pursue a hobby. Offers for babysitting or gift cards are excellent choices here. 
  • a class or training that teaches skills relevant to their dream. Online, in person, or via books -- training is spacious.
  • a listening ear when inspiration strikes. The least expensive and most demanding gift is your time. A supportive ear is invaluable to any dreamer.

Essentially, anytime you show someone that you believe in them you give a spacious gift. 

give spacious gifts