Relentless defined

You are internally motivated and your brain rarely rests. You are deeply creative; in fact, when not creating you fall into apathy. You are a natural leader who believes one person can make a difference and you are inspired by other creatives chasing their own vision. You’re blissfully happy one moment, then pulling your hair out the next because the comparisons are maddening. The deep desire for perfection is crippling. The possibilities are weighty. You want more.

You're a relentless creative and this is for you.

I know that you are many things to many people but before and after those things you are primarily relentless + creative. And deep down you are ever hopeful no matter how things look today. 

You are an artist. It may be expressed in food, music, painting, teaching, leadership, design, business, or through another avenue. You may be the lead designer or offer behind-the-scenes support. But what we have in common is that within each of us lies a vision of something timeless, something bigger than ourselves, something of beauty; and we are on a path to fulfill that vision.

I believe in your ability to be relentless in your pursuit of your dreams and goals. And I think you deserve a community of support; a community of creatives that understand your struggles and believe in your gifts.

Relentless creatives are always pursuing their next dream, vision, or an ideal.

Relentless creatives are actively looking for creative solutions to messy problems.

Relentless creatives are active in shaping the lives of those around them.

Relentless creatives are thinkers and doers. 

Relentless creatives are ever hopeful.  

If that sounds like your kind of people come join the tribe. 

Are you a relentless creative?