The joy of editing my book

The first time I sent The Relentless Creative Handbook off to my editor I wasn't sure what I had created. 

I knew it was unlike anything I had created before. I knew I had written things I wanted to share with (and about) relentless creatives. I knew it was a special project with potential.

But was it any good? That I didn't know.

I quickly coached myself into accepting that it wasn't up to me to decide the answer to such a question. The only thing to do was. . . wait. 

Thankfully I was only waiting on my editor and she had to get back to me in a timely manner. And she did so with positive, encouraging words. She confirmed that this was a special project full of heart. I was able to exhale. I was then surprised when feelings of success and pride washed over me. The book was still a long way from being a physical book in my hands and yet the fear and uncertainty were gone. 

I had accomplished my goal. I made something. I put it out there for editing (critique) and it came back more real than when I sent it.

See, something that had only lived in my head, heart and computer had become visible and tangible. It was now a real thing that could be discussed and critiqued and enjoyed and beneficial.  

As a lover of process, I was glad that there were two more rounds of editing ahead of us. The editing process had proved itself to be empowering. Each round was unique while still being both challenging and up-lifting.

How exciting it is to see a thing you've created with fresh perspective and living outside your own head. This is why taking action on your dreams is a part of the creative process rather than the end.

As real as the dream can be, action makes it real on a whole new level . . . a level that can be discussed and critiqued and enjoyed and beneficial.

Bringing dreams into reality is the creative's great success.